This article was first used in the newsletter last year and is still very pertinent today.  The beginning of May marks the 1/3 point in the year.  Yup, that means that 4 months have already passed us by.  Got me thinking about how I have utilized my time and resources to this point in the year.  So,
this week I am suggesting a quick glance back at the previous 3 months.  It is a good time to review the goals lists and the action plans that we laid out at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully, you are well on your way.

This is also a great point to do a time review…Martin Rooney (a high end strength coach) suggests that TIME is our greatest life gift and it is totally free.  In a recent article he wondered if we were spending our time or investing it.
Are we spending time in front of the tv, searching aimlessly on the internet, exercising without a purpose (just going through the motions), eating what is easy instead of what is correct for our body and hanging with people who are not helping to move us forward.  Are you spending time with no real hope of a positive return.  A truly successful life is not created just by spending time, it is created when we invest our time.

When we invest in something we expect a return…so invest your time in yourself wisely and purposefully.  Invest time in your exercise plan, what are your training priorities for the next 3 months, 1month, 1 week, tomorrow. Maybe this is a great time for a fitness test or a gait and movement assessment.
How are you currently investing in your nutrition.  Having good quality food available at the right time can often lead to much healthier choices.
Invest in your recovery and sleep.  Down time is critical to manage stress and sleep is the only way for our bodies to completely heal.  Take the time to plan each…there are even a number of devices that will measure the quality of our sleep.  Waking rested and healed can only increase our productivity.

Invest quality time with family and friends.  These bonds have such significance for our overall life that time spent here can continue long after the initial experience.
Invest in your network.  Strong relationships with our customers, employees, clients and colleagues can save a great amount of time when we are focused on the most important priorities.  This time should include all those we put in our fortress at the beginning of the year.

Invest time in activities that force you to stretch beyond your current comfort levels.  Continuous growth is from challenging activities helps us to develop our full potential.  To become our greatest self and then use our skills to make the world a better place.
Invest in your future by setting goals, having a purpose and taking step one in the action plan today.

Are you spending time or investing it…are you getting healthier…taking time now can make time later so much more rewarding.