Injury? Stress?

We are your rehab specialists. We will help you get back to your every-day activities.
Through personal training and massage we are here to help you on the road to recovery.

Clinical/Therapeutic Massage Therapy Richmond Calgary Alberta

Personal Training

Complete Body Health’s personal training services are based on creating personalized and integrated programs that allow for proactive health and performance.   We have a systematic approach to help you move more efficiently with proper movement patterns and mechanics.

The Art and Science of Designing, Maintaining and Constructing Healthy Bodies

The Foundation of mobility and stability is critical to the development of performance factors before we can properly utilize our skills.

(Mobility + Stability) x Durability (efficient movement) = Integrity of Human Movement

The main focus of our work is exercise rehabilitation/exercise re-education working closely with the client’s allied health professionals. Complete Body Health utilizes an exercise selection matrix making use of both physiotherapy related exercise and high end sport performance exercise.

A client can expect better core strength, increase joint mobility and stability, better awareness of spinal stability, improved posture, a decrease in pain and stiffness, an increase in body awareness, improved gait and movement mechanics, a prevention in injury occurrence and enhanced coordination and balance.

Empowering Individuals to Achieve, Healthy, Balanced Lifestyles

Massage Therapy

Whether it be for the treatment of injury or for stress reduction, Tara Wilkie of Complete Body Health can help relieve pain and tension, and get you back to your every-day activities.
Therapeutic Massage can relieve pain, and in combination with other appropriate health care measures, can help heal certain conditions and prevent their return.

    • stress
    • painful or tight muscles
    • headaches
    • injuries
    • prevention of new injuries
    • reduction recovery time
    • pain or restriction in joints
    • sports injuries