Personal Training

with Shawn Dietrich

FMS – level 2
TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor – level 1
TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Trainer
Kinesiologist/Personal Fitness Trainer

Complete Body provides the following rehabilitation based and non-rehabilitation based services

Post-Surgery – CBH has an extensive background in working with clients and their allied health professionals after surgery. Joint replacement and or repair; tendon, ligament, muscle, bone repair; reconstruction as a result of disease or illness.

Injury rehabilitation – Injuries resulted from motor vehicle accidents, falls, back injury, sprains and strains.

Pre-habilitation – prevent it before it happens…prepare for the ski season, curling season, golf season, hiking trip, walking trip, cycling trip etc.

Sports rehabilitation/Programming – CBH works closely with the athletes Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and Coach to ensure the athlete is fully prepared to return to play. CBH also provides training services for young athletes as they prepare and participate in their sport. CBH utilizes the Canadian Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development guidelines when working with young athletes.

Movement/Gait/Posture Assessment – CBH can assess movement, gait and posture for weakness and provide corrective exercises that will help to prevent injuries.

Functional Movement Screen – The FMS is a pre-participation assessment technique, which attempts to identify imbalances in mobility and stability during functional movement patterns. By identifying movement flaws and compensatory patterns, we are able to identify potential breakdowns of movement patterns, which may be causing inefficient movements and increasing the potential for injury or pain.

General Conditioning/Training for Life – training for weight loss, general health and wellness, improved ability for activities of daily life and training for an event. CBH has helped clients complete 10km, half marathon, marathon, training for martial arts, polo, dressage and a number of other athletic pursuits.

Personal Training Pricing
30 min $57
60 min $95
90 min $150

60 min Personal Training Group (2 people) $75.00 per person

*Prices do not include G.S.T

Personal Training Hours
Monday Glencoe Club 6am – 6pm
Tuesday Glencoe Club
West Springs
6am – 3pm
3:30pm – 6pm
Wednesday Glencoe Club 6am – 6pm
Thursday Glencoe Club
West Springs
6am – 3pm
3:30pm – 7pm
Friday Glencoe Club
West Springs
6am – 3pm
3:30pm – 7pm
Saturday West Springs Clinic 9am – 1pm