Three weeks ago we worked to define our purpose…the over all guide for our lives…the why we are here statement(s).  Two weeks ago we set goals in all the key areas of our life.  Last week we discussed the importance of having an action plan.  This week we will look at how we support our purpose goals and plan.  The idea of The Fortress is to set you free to do the things you are brilliant at and the things you enjoy most.
This is a concept that I was introduced to by Les Hewitt and the Power of Focus program.  Les defines fortress as a structure that is impregnable, a sanctuary or a place of refuge.  Within the fortress you are protected from the storms of business and life.  He refers to building your fortress as the same as building a championship sports franchise.  Each player both on the field and off (management, trainer and equipment staff, administration etc) have a role to play and the team is only as good as the weakest member.

This concept fits with our discussions from the past few weeks as having the correct people around you allows you to be more productive.  A properly designed fortress should also give you more time for relaxation and recovery.  The first step in creating a fortress is to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses.  If you spend 80% or more of your time doing what you are brilliant at you will have less stress, bigger results, and you will be a happier person with more energy.  Ask yourself the questions “Should I be doing this”, “Who else can do this”, “Does this need to be done at all”. Once you have analyzed your strengths and weaknesses you can create a plan to put the correct people in place to support you in the areas where you are not brilliant.

If people are already in place you can analyze to ensure that they really fill the intended role.  You play the role of a coach who can create and implement a successful game plan when all the pieces are in place.  As the coach you ask two questions, “Who is on my team?” and “Do they perform at the level I require to achieve my dreams and goals?”  The action steps are to grade each member of the team and create a list of changes that are required to help you be totally successful.  This will help you to decide who deserves to be on the team and in which areas you/they can be doing a better job.

Set high standards and you can enjoy a lifestyle that gives you freedom, ongoing prosperity (in many areas of life) and a unique sense of worth.  In the end there will be two lists – one for your career and one for your personal life.  The career list will/may include banker, lawyer, accountant, book keeper, tax specialist, suppliers, financial adviser, management staff, sales team, administrative staff, personal assistant, mentors, etc.  The personal list is much broader: doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, personal trainer, nutritionist, dentist, financial consultant, accountant, dry cleaner, hairstylist, plumber, electrician, contractor, travel agent, realtor, insurance agent, tailor, home help, cleaners, babysitter etc

These people need to be brilliant at what they do – even if you don’t interact with them all the time – allowing you to be brilliant at what you do.  You should always be able to rely on these people to get the job done right, while making you feel good in the process.   Taking the time to select only the best people considering your circumstances makes life move along more smoothly.  Remember, life is all about building and enjoying great relationships.  You deserve your fair share of wonderful relationships that support your goals and dreams!!

Build a fortress and protect your borders – do what you are brilliant at – decrease your stress, have less frustration, engage in mental activities that stretch your abilities, have fun along the way and the results will speak for themselves.