Defining a purpose – Kevin McCarthy (The On-Purpose Person) states that we are searching for the meaning of our lives, given our unique experiences, talents, and potential.  Purpose is a permanent, common thread woven throughout and in all parts of our lives.  He goes on to explain that purpose is energy, the single most motivating force there is to fill our lives with meaning and significance.

In the book “Core Performance Essentials” Mark Verstegen suggests that we want to build our lives from the inside out.  Mark is the founder of EXOS and is recognized as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world.  Each of his books starts with an understanding of mindset…”you will be far more motivated if you take a step back and define what drives you.”  He goes on to state that if you do not have a game plan to handle the demands of life you will never lead the life you want to live.  “Developing the proper mindset will help prepare you for everything that comes your way.”

Writing a purpose statement takes time, reflection, consideration and the ability to separate you from all others.  If done properly it is a process that takes careful deliberation of what you are good at – what are your natural abilities/special skills/talents, what do you want to be known for, who has influenced you during your life – those who have left lasting impressions on you and why,  what do you want, what do you want to accomplish, what are you willing to give up, what do you care deeply about, what makes you feel the most alive/passionate, what gives you a sense of joy/peace of mind, what makes you feel you are making a difference.

Defining your purpose provides a base from which you can make the difficult decisions without undue stress and get the most out of your life.  This includes happiness, solid relationships, business success, health, wealth, family harmony, etc.  Tim Elmore from Growing Leaders uses the term standards to reflect the most important areas for his life and the leaders they are working with.  What are your health standards, your family standards, your financial standards, your friendship standards, your personal and spiritual standards.  What are the guiding lights that are unchanged by time and circumstances.

In the book The Eagle’s Secret David McNally explains why people who thrive are different from people who just survive.  “The desire to thrive means the desire to live a life rich in experiences and accomplishments.  What is so clearly observable and distinguishes thrivers, therefore is their attitudes and behaviors.  While the survivors struggle for a sense of direction, thrivers navigate steadily and relentlessly toward their goals.  While survivors get tossed about by the turbulence of modern existence, thrivers soar to new heights of personal achievements”.
My personal purpose statement is:
I commit to empowering myself to seek my aspirations and achieve personal excellence while influencing and encouraging others to experience their potential.
My business purpose statement is:
To add value and success to the lives of our clients, peers, mentors, business associates and community by empowering and encouraging healthy, active, balanced lifestyles.