Massage Therapy

with Tara Wilkie, RMT

Clinical/Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Clinical or therapeutic massage therapy uniquely focuses on the treatment of soft tissue to maintain, develop, augment or rehabilitate the client’s physical function. Clinical massage therapy can improve the functioning of joints and muscles, promotes the healing process, metabolism and circulation. The therapist will incorporate specific techniques designed to help injuries heal, increase range of motion and improve muscle function. A number of orthopaedic assessments may be utilized to further confirm a specific injury.

There are many benefits of massage including but not limited to; reduction of headaches, reducing tension due to stress, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, enhancing post-operative rehabilitation, injury prevention, decreased recovery time from training, increasing tissue strength, improving posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion, improving circulation, increased ability to sleep, increased body awareness and an increased feeling of well-being.

Massage Therapy Pricing
30 min $60
45 min $70
60 min $85
90 min $120

Package of 4 – 60 min Massage sessions $320.00
Package of 4 – 90 min Massage sessions $460.00

*Prices do not include G.S.T

Massage Therapy Hours
Monday Richmond Clinic 9am – 3:30pm
Tuesday Richmond Clinic 12pm – 7pm
Wednesday West Springs Clinic 9am – 3:30pm
Thursday West Springs Clinic 12pm – 7pm
Friday Richmond Clinic 9am – 4pm
Saturday Richmond Clinic 8am – 3pm